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Fall Hazards from Stairs & Ladders

Hazard:  Fall from stairs.
Standard violated:  1926.1052(c):  Stairs having 4 or more risers, were not provided with stair rail on each open side. Also note damage to stairs.
Corrective Action:  Stair should be properly equipped with standard rail, as required by the standard.
Hazard:  Fall from stairs.
Standard violated:  1926.1052(c) (4):  The stairrail system along the unprotected sides of the first flight of the stairway do not have midrails, screens, mesh, intermediate vertical members, or equivalent intermediate structural members between the top rail of the stairrail system and the stairway step.
Corrective Action:  Install a mid-rail, mesh, or other acceptable component

Hazard:  Fall from ladder.  Danger of drowning.
Standard violated:  1926.1053(b)(4): Ladder not used for purpose intended by manufacturer.  1926.106: Employees not protected against drowning.
Corrective Action:  Do not suspend ladder from boom.  Use other method to get to work area. Provide life preservers, ring buoys and lifesaving skiff.

Hazard:  Fall from step ladder.
Standard violated: 
1926.1053(b)(13):  Employee is working off of the top of a step ladder.
Corrective Action:  Do n
ot work from the top or top step of step ladders.

Hazard:  Fall from ladder.
Standard violated:  1926.1053(b)(19): Single rail ladder used.
Corrective Action:  Provide adequate ladder.

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